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Our Head Office LocationSafebagar Municipality Ward No.4, Achham, Nepal.

Previous Projects

Reaching Across the Boarders for HIV/AIDS Prevention (RAB) Program

Brief introduction

YES Nepal with partnership of Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal with financial support of MCC, implemented RAB program in the then five VDCs of Achham named as Ghughurkot, Budhakot, Siddheswor, Payal and Lungra. The key objective of the program was to minimize the risk and effect of HIV and AIDS among migrant workers and their families. The program which was commenced on March 2009 came to an end on December 2017.

Main Activities and Achievements

89 people living with HIV (PLHIV) have been benefitted from the revolving fund the program created to support their livelihoods. They are engaged in goat rearing, buffalo rearing and running small grocery shops and earning regular and steady income to meet the daily expenditure. To improve nutritional health of PLHIVs, 108 members have been motivated and supported to initiate kitchen gardening.
6656 students from various schools participated in the awareness building activities against HIV AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. 1768 migrant workers were informed about safe migration and HIV AIDS.
606 migrant workers and their family members were supported to visit VCT centers and undergo blood tests. 752 were provided with financial support to access ART. Nine pregnant PLHIVs were referred to District Health Office for safe delivery.
District level network of PLHIVs formed under the program got registered at District Administration Office Achham. The network named as Hatemalo Pairavi Sanjal is actively functioning in the community for the social and economic benefits to the PLHIVs. NRs 56,000 was granted to the network to help continue their work even after the completion of the program. From the various trainings and workshops, the capacities of PLHIV group members have been significantly enhanced. As a result, they succeeded to coordinate with and collect NRs 2,47,000 from different local agencies for their groups.
With objective of providing support to education of children living with HIV and orphans, a fund worth NRs 90,000 has been set up. Moreover, the members are mobilizing revolving fund of NRs 10,69,874 to support their livelihoods and health improvement.

HIV Education for Safer Migration Program, Achham

Brief introduction

YES Nepal implemented HIV Education for Safer Migration Program in then Binayak, Chalsa and Kueeka VDCs of Achham District with financial support of FELM and partnership with Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal. The program was particularly intended for improving living conditions of PLHIVs, reducing risk behaviors of migrant workers and building capacity of PLHIVs. The program started from June 2014 and implemented till December 2017.

Main Activities and Achievements

Community people were imparted on HIV safety measures, safe migration, VCT centers and treatment providing agencies. Family members of PLHIVs were regularly visited and counseled to reduce stigma and discrimination against PLHIVS. During the project period, 2076 people were given information about HIV AIDS. Among them, number of women was 1063. Along with that, 372 people with poor financial condition were provided necessary support for HIV test.
Revolving funds equivalent to NRs 729,000 have been mobilizing by 54 PLHIVs in the three groups. The fund has been established with program grant NRs 5,01,000 and grant from then VDCs. 29 women and 16 men have been taking economic gain from the revolving fund they mobilized for small income generation schemes. Similarly, 172 people were offered service in a health camp organized with coordination of District Health Office.

Young Farmer Entrepreneurship Program

Program Introduction

In financial support of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and partnership with Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal, YES Nepal is carrying out Young Farmer Entrepreneurship Program in Achham district. In altogether in five the then VDCs namely Duni, Marku, Patalcoat, Siudi and Sokat the program was in operation since last three years while its contractual period has completed this fiscal year. The main objective of this program was to increase in consumption of nutritious foods by hunger affected households in the work area, create agriculture based business opportunities for youths migrating aboard for work and through capacity enhancement of cooperatives expand their services in communities. The last assessment of this program has also been carried out, and YES Nepal has done its review and progress assessment, which is as follows:

Toward Nutrition Awareness

Various activities were conducted in the community targeting for awareness of hunger affected families for their nutrition under the Young Farmer Entrepreneurship Program. From this awareness on nutrition has increased in all five VDCs of the working area. There was decrease in number of consumer taking fast food (junk food) by 60%, and habit of growing green vegetables in gardens and its consumption have developed. In more than 50% of households people are having 3 types of food (strength giving, growth/develop and protecting) have increased. Similarly, the use of iodized salt in work area is found in more than 80% of the households and neighboring VDCs have also done similar. In average 170 people in each VDC, a total of 850 people have received nutritional information. Similarly, over 1500 people have observed nutrition, agriculture and animal fair. From which they have learned to make worm medicines, consume mineral pills, make farms for goats, and start kitchen garden. Nutrition information was provided to 150 mother/daughter in-laws, because of which pregnant women regularly visiting health post for pregnancy test and consultation also have been increasing. .

Toward Business Development

To develop agriculture based business opportunities for youths migrating abroad for work, 11 days Farmer Business School was conducted. Afterwards, they were provided agriculture based skill development trainings, and to start business they were also provided loans and grants from cooperatives. As a result, 349 businessmen are running their businesses. Till this day, they have made a net profit Rs. 3,254,200. About 65 previous migrant workers are making income by operating business in their own villages. Similarly, goat farming businessmen after getting information regarding animal insurance are doing insurance of their livestock while some businessmen have made modern cages for goat farming. Most businessmen doing goat farming after learning about worm medicine, mineral pills consumption and goat cages construction have materialized their knowledge.

Toward Cooperatives' Capacity Enhancement

Under this program, for the capacity enhancement of five cooperatives in the working area, at different stages various types of trainings were conducted including meetings, interactions, experience sharing workshops. This program was also supporting in remuneration for managers of the cooperatives. That's why all cooperatives are making regular saving and monthly meetings. All cooperatives are developing and implementing annual business plan while account management of cooperatives has also improved. In this context, all five cooperatives have received Rs. 279,000 grant from YES Nepal, and till this year they are operating total Rs. 3,859,886. This has helped in operation of cooperative by increasing capital. For sustainable development and management of cooperatives, the then VDCs are also been helping these cooperatives. For the construction of offices for all five cooperatives, so far all VDCs have supported a total Rs. 524,900. Similarly, community forests also provided around 2 Ropani of land to make cooperative buildings. Additionally, because of small physical infrastructure like irrigation pond, canals about 130 households are been getting irrigation facilities.

Poverty Alleviation Program


YES in collaboration between Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) poverty alleviation programis running in Rishidaha, Kuskot, Hattikot, Thati, Podsadevi and Bhageshwor VDCs of Achham district. The program has targeted population below poverty line and back warded communities in terms of development. To fully involve poor people in the poverty alleviation process, Poverty Alleviation Fund in collaboration with YES Nepal has been running this program. The main objective of this program is to include poor, women, dalit, janajati and marginalized communities in different field and strengthen their capacity to enhance their income generation.

Activities Completed and Achievement

Under this programme different activities were done which include: sub-project (d1) development of community organizations, design/estimate of small infrastructure development, various training and meetings, etc. Similarly, activities like experience sharing seminars, program monitoring, coordination meeting of partner organization, district level yearly review, auditing of sub-projects and public hearing were conducted. Because of this through community organization for the start of different businesses for income generation Rs.27, 214,226 is investedfor 2156 members. Similarly, from members who have taken loan RS.4,960,021 has already been collected back. In Rishidaha VDC for Role drinking water program, grant of Rs.1,661,387 is made from Poverty Alleviation Fund and community organizations have made labor contribution worth Rs.424,568. From this program 122 households have got facility of clean drinking water. Community organizations have been clearly maintaining financial record of revolving fund. Till now in six VDCs where YES Nepal has operated its program 18 community organizations are in the process of registration.

Farmer Business School


YES Nepal with the financial support of ICCO Cooperation and in collaboration with Link Helvetas Swiss Inter-cooperation Nepal has run empowerment program of households undergoing seasonal migration in eight VDCs of Achham. The objective of this program is to enhance the income generation from agriculture based products through farmer Business School. In addition, providing support in marketing for business persons, organizing different activities for their capacity enhancement were carried out.

Major Activities and Achievements

Under this programme selection of groups, baseline survey, farmer business School, meeting and interactions with different stakeholders were completed. Similarly, analysis of agriculture based yearly sell and income of farmers, technical support as well as group formation of people doing agro-vet was done. From this, 100 farmers after making business plans have been doing agri-business. All farmers making their business plans have made agreement with the local agro-vet and collectors for the purchase and sell of agricultural products. Parbati Swar, member of Janalikot VDC group taking one ropani of land in lease have started commercial vegetable farming. Collection centers by organizing their annual general meeting have made their business plan. Because of this it is easy for farmers to regularly sell their vegetables. Also, Ghughurkot Collection Center and Bayalpata Collection Center have been associated with District Development Committee. This program has taught farmers involved in commercial vegetable farming that doing vegetable farming making seasonal plans can give more profit.

Sustainable Livelihood through Micro Enterprise Promotion Program


YES Nepal with the financial support of ICCO Cooperation has been running Sustainable Livelihood through Micro Enterprise Promotion program in 10 VDCs of Achham and Kailali. Through seven cooperatives of both districts this program is run for the economic promotion of deprived members. As per the agreement between cooperatives and YES Nepal, business persons who have taken loan last year have already paid back their loan. From this money Rs. 2,435,191 will be invested this year to new business persons in zero percent interest. Even after the contract period of ICCO Cooperation ends, based on the nature of this activity business person who have taken loan through cooperative could return after one year and once again that money in reinvested through cooperatives. Providing financial support to business person through cooperatives working at local level for the microenterprise promotion and bring progress in their living standard has been the main objective of this program.

Completed Activities and Achievements

As the period of partnership agreement done with the cooperatives last year has ended, new agreements have been done. For the reinvestment of the loan amount collectedfrom business persons of the first year, new business person had been selected. Selected business persons were provided loan after giving them training and help develop business plan. In this period, facilitation is provided for starting new business and monitoring the business of old business persons and understanding their earning condition. From this, 19 in Kailali and 20 in Achham new business persons have started agriculture based businesses investing a total of Rs.2,435,191. There has been good relationship between cooperatives and business persons and this has increased number and faith of people applying for share in cooperative. In addition, there has been progress in account keeping of cooperative organizations. All old business persons have given continuity to their business, from which they have earned Rs.1,934,332. Similarly, new business persons have earned Rs.1,168,900.

Peace for Sustainable Development Program


With the financial support of FELM Nepal and in collaboration with SanthagatBikasSanjal, Peace for Sustainable Development Program has been running in Binayak VDC of Achham district. Making environment for reconciliation regarding small problems existing in the community, estrangement and issues of conflict through holding discussions among one another, and support for the peace process in the community is the main objective of this program.

Completed Activities and Achievements

Under this program activities like VDC level meetings, formation of Peace Group, various trainings related with reconciliation and problem based discussions had been completed. Also, VDC level fest, construction of Peace Center as well as regular meetings with peace group had been done. Peace group has been formed of dalit and people with different capacity and following different religion based on social inclusion, in which there are 23 members including 17 women. Besides this, group members themselves are been able to settle small conflicts happening in the community. During this period, they have settled 26 issues and problems through discussions. In the food fest that was organized making participation of people from various castesand religionscontain 213 people including 118 women. This has increased emotional intimacy and cooperation and remained helpful in decreasing discrimination between dalits and non-dalits. Onthe land made available by Binayak VDC office one Peace Center has been established. In that Peace Center it has become easy to conduct monthly meeting of peace committee and other communal work.

Highlights of Old Programs

Local Initiatives for Social Transformation (LIST)

Local Initiatives for Social Transformation (LIST) was supported by Uniting Protestant Churches, Netherlands to enhance livelihood of 46 highly marginalized groups through community organizing in three VDCs namely Mastamandu, Babla and Ganjra of Achham district. Upon the completion of first phase of LIST, the second phase project was implemented in seven VDCs of Achham district with the financial support of ICCO KERK in ACTIE, Netherlands.

Upechit Jana Bikas Pariyojana (UJBP)

YES-Nepal implemented Upechit Jana Bikas Pariyojana (UJBP) in Bhajani, Lalbojhi, Khailad, Narayanpur and Dhansingpur VDCs of Kailali District. Under this, YES Nepal executed Freed Kamaiya Resettlement Program (FKRP), HIV/AIDS awareness raising program and disaster preparedness program with the financial support of Lutheran World Federation. This project was phased out in July 2007.

Elam Plus- Helvetas

YES Nepal executed a project of Helvetas-Nepal in order to improve livelihood of Raji community in Khailad VDC of Kailali District. During the program, various income generation activities were introduced in Raji community for their livings. Raji community is one of the most disadvantaged and endangered indigenous ethnic communities of Nepal.

Rural Organizing for Social Empowerment (ROSE)

ROSE program has been developed on the basis of experience gained from LIST I phase and LIST II phase. YES Nepal implemented this program in 11 VDCs of Achham district with the financial support of ICCO KERK in ACTIE, (ICCO COOPERATION) Netherlands. The key objective of this program is to build capacity of the marginalized communities by organizing them and providing them with necessary skill and knowledge. Beside this, Eight cooperative has been established in 11 VDCs under this program.

Civic Education Program

YES-Nepal has been implemented Civic Education Program in Ramshikharjhala, Khailad, Darakh, Pathraiya, Baliya and Durgauli VDCs of Kailali district with financial support of Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal. This program intends to raise awareness of Women, Janjatis, Dalits and highly marginalized groups on Human rights, Governance, Peace & Democracy and Constitutional assembly.